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About Hallwala.pk

Finding the right venue, with the perfect ambiance, optimum size and befitting location while managing a tight budget, is nightmarish. Well guess what!! Hallwala.pk is just the solution for you. It is an online portal which aims to connect venues, banquets and other spaces with individuals and businesses that are planning an event or party.

Hallwala.pk fetches the suitable venues for you according to your specific requirement. Browse multitude of venues based on capacity, location, price, facilities and compare different selections. You can even contact the various venues directly from our site and hook your desirable date in the most convenient way possible.

Our mission is to make venue shopping smart, simple, efficient and hassle free by reducing tiresome and complex exercise of visiting each venue.

We have divided venues into four main categories i.e Weddings, Corporate, Lifestyle and Party for your convenience. Want to start your venue adventure? Stare Now

Why Hallwala.pk?

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Hassle Free
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Exceptional Customer Service
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